18 DIY Bars and Bar Carts That Are Perfect for the Home or Patio

When guests arrive, nothing makes entertaining easier than have a bar or bar cart available. If you’ve ever wanted a bar but thought it was too expensive too build, these DIY bars and bar carts are budget-friendly and look great.

Each is made from upcycled items you probably already have in your home and many are incredibly easy to build. Here are 18 DIY bars and bar cats that are incredibly creative and are built from recycled items.

1) Reclaimed wood pallet bar.

Companies are more than happy to give their wooden pallets away. With some handiwork, upcycle wood pallets into a rustic DIY bar and it couldn’t be easier to build.


2) Tool chest bar.

An old wooden tool chest was transformed into a bar cart that is functional and cost nearly nothing to make. Here is how this bar cart was transformed from a children’s tool chest that was destined to go to the landfill.


3) TV stand bar.

If you ever had an old corner TV stand for CRT televisions, here is one way to make it useful again with little to no modifications!


4) Book bar.

18 DIY Bars and Bar Carts - Book bar.

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This is one bar that you can assemble and disassemble on the spot but I wouldn’t recommend it. Stacks of books are pretty heavy! Put those old college books to use and build a makeshift DIY bar literally anywhere!


5) DIY bar cart made from scrap wood.

Install of piling scrap wood in the backyard, turn it into a charming bar cart. Follow this tutorial for turning scrap wood into a nifty DIY bar cart.


6) Transform your travel trunk into a DIY rolling bar.

Old wooden travel trunks are the perfect choice for this DIY bar on wheels. The best part is this rolling bar can be built in only 12 steps!


7) Radio stand martini bar.

If you can manage to get your hands on an antique radio stand, it is perfect for building a unique bar with art deco styling.


8) Backyard Western-themed bar.

Pallets were used to create this creative backyard bar with a western theme. Guests will be impressed by the unique design and here is how to make one of your own.


9) Vintage record player bar cart.

This is one antique find that is perfect for making a bar cart. This is one bar cart that is solid enough to last a lifetime.


10) Microwave cart DIY bar.

Now that I think of it, I had a few microwave cabinets in the past that would have made a sweet-looking DIY bar. This microwave cabinet bar looks great and you can’t even tell it came from that same old microwave cabinet.


11) Bookshelf bar.

How’s this for giving new life to an old bookcase? Some new paint and bar accessories like glass racks turn this old bookcase into a gorgeous bar that screams hipster.


12) DIY outdoor drink station.

Can you believe this unique outdoor drink station was created from an old door? Whether it’s for kids or adults, you can have a lot of fun creating this DIY project that is going to be very busy on a warm summer day. Here is how to make one!


13) TV mini bar.

If you grew up during the golden age of television, you’ll probably remember owning a TV that was held together by a beautiful wooden cabinet. Console TVs were also popular and they weren’t built with flimsy plastic shells. This couple purchased a vintage TV and transformed it into a retro mini bar.


14) Piano bar.

This one is my favorites because I love playing the piano. The owners of this piano couldn’t even give it away so they decided to paint it white, add some mirrors and turn into a functional bar. Watch the transformation here.


15) Upcycle a baby changing table into a bar cart.

Want to keep your children’s change table around but want to make something functional out of it? This bar cart looks so great you wouldn’t even know it used to be a baby changing table. Take a look how this change table was transformed into an awesome bar cart.


16) Upcycle a desk into a bar.

With all the storage space, old desks can be upcycled into so many things. Here is one desk that was transformed into a rustic outdoor bar.


17) Glitzy bar cart.

If you already have a metal or wooden bar cart, add some glitz by painting it with gold or silver spray paint. If you like this specific bar cart, you can purchase it here.


18) Suitcase bar table.

If you really want to display your creativity, use an old suitcase to display all of your favorite flavors. If you don’t drink, simply create this “faux” bar table by filling it with empty liquor bottles.

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