She Wraps Eggs in Old Silk Scarves and Creates Awesome Colorful Easter Eggs With Intricate Patterns

She Wraps Eggs in Silk and Creates Colorful Easter Eggs. Dyeing Easter eggs with silk is so easy!

Dyeing Easter eggs is a tradition in many families but generally, we use Easter egg dye kits found in many department or craft stores. Kendra of Holidash demonstrates how to use pieces of silk which were taken from old scarves and ties to make colorful Easter eggs.

She wraps them in silk, then an outer layer of white fabric and boils them for 15 minutes. Amazingly, the patterns from the pieces of silk also get transferred which creates patterned Easter eggs that are unique.

Watch how dyeing Easter eggs with silk create colorful Easter eggs without much effort…


You may have heard of Google Maps Easter eggs but these Easter eggs are so much better! This is also a great way to reuse old silk ties and scarves before discarding them. Please share this great tip for dyeing Easter eggs using silk ties and scarves with your friends and family.

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