About Us

Welcome to Winkgo.com!

Dive into a world where inspiration meets humor, and every article is a slice of happiness. At Winkgo, we believe in the power of stories that lift spirits, induce chuckles, and infuse positivity into your everyday life.

Our Humble Beginnings

In 2014, with a passion for storytelling and a desire to bring smiles to faces everywhere, I started Winkgo.com. What began as a personal endeavor to spread joy has blossomed into a digital haven for all things uplifting. From heartwarming tales and motivational quotes to rib-tickling memes, our platform serves a delicious blend of content that warms the heart and tickles the funny bone.

Our Mission

Our commitment has always been to inspire, uplift, and entertain. Amidst the ups and downs of life, we aim to be that cheerful friend who always knows how to make you smile. Through the collective efforts of our writers and community, we curate and present stories that resonate, inspire, and most importantly, make you feel good.

Be Part of Our Journey

Over the years, we’ve grown into a vibrant community of readers, storytellers, and joy-seekers. As we continue on this delightful journey, we invite you to be a part of the Winkgo family. Share your tales, your laughs, and your inspirations. Together, let’s sprinkle the world with a bit more cheer, one story at a time!


Armand Dicaire