39 Winter Inspired Nail Designs That are as Beautiful as Fresh Fallen Snow

People either like winter or they could do without it and live somewhere warm all year long. But even with all the cold and wind, winter is a beautiful and magical season that brings people together. Share your winter joys with beautiful winter nails that reflect winter in the most beautiful way.

Ice blue nails are probably what first comes to mind but there are so many more creative winter nail designs at your disposal. These 39 nail designs are inspired by the beauty of winter and offer a variety of winter colors that will accent your style.

1) Icy blue nails.

2) Twinkling ice nails.

39 Winter Nails - Twinkling ice nails.

Instagram / @knailz

3) Frozen nails so pretty even Elsa would approve.

4) Winter storm nails.

39 Winter Nails - Winter storm nails.

Instagram / @aksenreal

5) A cold winter’s night.

6) Gorgeous winter wonderland.

7) Winter icicles.

39 Winter Nails - Winter icicles.

Instagram / @carlysisoka

8) A pretty snowfall.

39 Winter Nails - A pretty snowfall.

Instagram / @sweanails

9) Winter icicles.

39 Winter Nails - Winter icicles.

Instagram / @Falguni_nails

10) A freezing mani.

11) Snowfall.

12) Festive nails.

13) Snowflake accent nail on electric blue.

14) Winter storm warning: epic winter nails!

39 Winter Nails - Winter storm warning: epic winter nails!

Instagram / @just1nail

15) Glitter gradient.

39 Winter Nails - Glitter gradient.

Instagram / @carlysisoka

16) Winter scene nails.

17) Silver and gold.

18) Pretty snowflakes.

39 Winter Nails - Pretty snowflakes.

iconosquare.com / mamaco2013

19) Snowy the snowman winter nails.

20) Winter wonderland.

39 Winter Nails - Winter wonderland.

Instagram / @thewynners

21) Snowy glitter nails.

39 Winter Nails - Snowy glitter nails.

Instagram / @badgirlnails

22) Winter tips.

39 Winter Nails - Winter tips.

Instagram / @Lindsaynailcandy

23) Everybody likes a snow day!

24) Blue Snowflakes.

39 Winter Nails - Blue snowflakes.

iconosquare.com / emmacrafer

25) Unique snowflakes.

26) Christmas sweater nails.

39 Winter Nails - Christmas sweater nails.

Instagram / @just1nail

27) Stunning winter snowflakes.

28) Jack Frost nipping at your nose!

29) Stay frosty!

39 Winter Nails - Stay frosty!

Instagram / @dramaqueennails

30) Frozen fans unite!

39 Winter Nails - Frozen fans unite!

Instagram / @andreitus_nails

31) Cute shimmering penguin.

32) Winter forest nail art.

33) This winter mani is Santa approved.

34) Pretty snowflakes.

35) Snowflake half-moon.

36) Winter sparkles.

39 Winter Nails - Winter sparkles.

Instagram / @naildecor

37) Winter mani.

39 Winter Nails - Winter mani.

Instagram / @marinelp91

38) Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

39) Golden snowflakes.

If you like winter then these winter-inspired nail art designs will reflect your love for the beauty of winter. Please share these 39 winter nails with your friends and family.

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