8 Great DIY Projects to Turn Old Chairs Into Gorgeous One of a Kind Benches

Through daily use, furniture will eventually become worn and drab looking but that doesn’t mean it needs to be thrown out! Using one or all of these DIY project ideas, you can upcycle those old chairs into useful pieces of furniture that you won’t find in any store.

The best part of any DIY project is that it’s fun to build new things and in the end, you have something that is beautiful and was created by you. Here are 8 great ideas for turning those old chairs into beautiful benches.

1) Take two old chairs to create this modern bench.

Follow these steps for creating this bench.

2) Build a bench with curves.

A  straight bench is nice but this curved bench is great for conversations between friends. Here are more pictures of this curved DIY bench.

3) A beautiful garden bench with an antique walnut finish.

These chairs were given at a yard sale for free which makes this chair even better! Here is the story behind these chairs.

4) Make a French-style bench.

Build a trendy French-style bench using two old chairs. Here is how this French-style bench was created.

5) Create this beautiful blue bench for less than $40.

A unique and beautiful piece and here is how it was turned from chairs to a bench.

6) Transform a dumpy chair to benchy flair.

Build a bench with flair using the following instructions.

7) Create a unique bench using 3 different chairs.

This chair looks great and would be great to display your creative side. Here is how to turn three separate chairs into one beautiful bench.

8) Transform three mismatched chairs into an elegant dining room bench.

This bench is classy enough to be displayed alongside your finest furniture and here are step-by-step instructions to create this elegant 3-seat bench.

H/t: FaithTap

Even using mismatched chairs you find at a yard sale could be turned into a unique three-seat bench for the garden or your home. Please share these beautiful three-seat benches with your friends and family.

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