21 Awe-Inspiring Photos That Are Out-Of-This-World. #11 Is Unbelievable!

If you have ever seen the image of earth taken by the Voyager 1 space probe in 1990, you already know that we’re simply living on a speck of dust in space but what a beautiful speck of dust it is! Everything around us is wondrous and while we may not be lucky enough to experience all of these wonders in person, being able to experience them through photos is the next best thing.

The world is not ours. We share it with every human and animal on earth and the following 21 awe-inspiring photos show us just how connected and lucky we are.

1) Awe-Inspiring Photos: Brave kayaker next to lava in Hawaii.

2) A temple garden in Kyoto, Japan, after a rare snowfall.

3) Our brain with the network of nerves connected to it. Amazing.

4) A sea turtle hitching a ride on a jellyfish.

5) Hyperion, the tallest tree in the world is over 380 feet tall and expected to be  700-800 years old.

6) A magnificent thunderstorm displaying all of its furies.

7) Sunrise At Easter Island.

21 Awe-Inspiring Photos - Sunrise At Easter Island.

Source Unknown

8) The beautiful yet dangerous Thor’s Well in Oregon.

9) A breathtaking closeup of the human eye.

21 Awe-Inspiring Photos - A breathtaking closeup of the human eye.

Behance / Suren Manvelyan

10) Fire reflected on birds on a backdrop of black smoke.

11) Footprint indentations from a Monk who prayed in the same spot for 20 years.

12) An eclipse as seen from space.

13) Clouds casting shadows on earth as seen from the International Space Station.

14) An opal that looks like a sunset behind the clouds.

15) An Aurora Borealis as seen from the International Space Station.

21 Awe-Inspiring Photos - An Aurora Borealis as seen from the International Space Station.

Flickr / nasamarshall

16) A high-resolution photo of the Orion Nebula.

17) Photo of a rare 360-degree rainbow taken from a plane.

18) The Fukang Meteorite.

19) The sun captured with ultraviolet photography.

20) Earth at night.

21 Awe-Inspiring Photos - Earth at night.

Flickr / nasacommons

21) A pond frozen into intricate geometric shapes.

The world is full of wonder and amazement and being able to experience it is a gift we should be thankful for every day. Please share these beautiful awe-inspiring photos with your friends and family.

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