This Dog’s Reaction Was Touching When His Owner Needed Support From His Best Friend. I’m Still Crying.

Photographer Ben Moon's Loving Tribute to His Dog Denali.

When we adopt a pet, we are guaranteed to have a friend that will love us unconditionally for their entire life. Dogs feel emotions just like we do; however, they will always be by our side through good times and bad.

The following video, ‘Denali’, is a very touching story. The story is told from the point of view of a dog named Denali. His owner, photographer Ben Moon, adopted Denali in 1999. The duo spent the next few years traveling the country and taking amazing photographs that graced many magazine covers. But, in June of 2004, tragedy struck and Moon was diagnosed with cancer. Dogs can smell cancer and throughout all of the surgeries and treatments, Denali stood by his owner’s side during his complete recovery and victory over cancer.

Watch this heartwarming video of Ben Moon and his precious dog Denali…


Ben Moon has created an incredible tribute to his dog and if you want to follow Moon’s recent work, please visit his Facebook page. Please share this heartwarming story of Ben Moon and his dog Denali with your friends and family.

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