This 86-Year-Old Grandmother Approached the Bars. What She Did Next Made the Judges Jaws Drop.

86-Year-Old Gymnast Grandmother Johanna Quaas Performs Gymnastics Routine.

Some people prevent seniors from doing certain activities like dancing because they are afraid they might get hurt or think they are frail. Nobody tells Johanna Quaas from Halle, Germany that she can’t do something!

When this 86-year-old walked up to the parallel bars at a gymnastics competition, the audience watched in anticipation. She started her gymnastics routine and it impressed everyone including the judges who awarded her a first place finish!

Watch 86-year-old Johanna Quaas, the oldest active gymnast in the world…


I certainly can’t do what she just did and think most people half her age wouldn’t be able to also! Please share this gymnastics routine by an 86-year-old grandma with your friends and family.

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