On a Hot Summer Day, This Dog Was Left in a Sweltering Car. It Happens Too Often.

Sacramento Fire Department Rescues Dog in Scorching Hot Car.

With summer here, we can expect scorching hot temperatures and it’s extremely important to keep our pets cool. If you must keep your dog in the car briefly, it’s extremely important to leave the window open so that fresh air can enter the vehicle.

The danger zone is 105 degrees and it could easily reach or exceed this number on a hot summer day inside a vehicle with all windows shut. One dog owner in Sacramento, California, forgot to leave the window open and thanks to a concerned citizen that called 911, the Sacramento Fire Department arrived on scene and let the dog out of the vehicle safely.

The fire department wrote on their Facebook page, “The crew from Sacramento Fire Department Engine 4 removed a dog from a locked car this morning. Sacramento Animal Control took the dog to a shelter, and the owner will be cited. Please remember: Don’t leave your dog in a car on a hot day. Besides the obvious negative effect on the dog, fines can be up to $500. In a worst case scenario, the charge would be felony animal cruelty, which carries a stiff penalty. Please take your dogs with you when you lock up, or leave them at home.”


There are hefty fines for leaving any pet in a vehicle without proper ventilation and it’s extremely important for pet owners to think of their pets every time they leave the car unattended. Please share this successful dog rescue with your friends and family who have pets.

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