You Have Memories Saved on VHS? Transfer Them to Your Computer Easily!

Transfer Your Videos From VHS to Digital Format Using These Steps.

When I was 12 years old, I persuaded my dad to purchase a Betamax video player. But that decision proved to be the wrong choice when most of the movie studios began supporting VHS. Because the VHS format eventually reigned supreme, transferring Betamax tapes to VHS was simple. Simply connecting both machines together and pressing record would easily transfer Betamax videotapes to VHS.

Today, the VHS format is obsolete and transferring your family memories from VHS to digital format on your computer makes sense and couldn’t be easier. Once you save the video file to your computer, you can easily transfer your videos to DVD or Blu-ray disks using free software on your computer.

Using these step-by-step instructions from CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell, it is incredibly easy to transfer memories to your computer from your old VHS tapes (or even Betamax tapes).

Watch how to transfer VHS to digital format on your computer…


VHS tapes store your videos on magnetic tape which eventually degrades and reduces video quality; therefore, you will sleep better knowing that your precious family memories are preserved digitally. If you need a USB video capture device, you can find one at any electronics store. Alternatively, you can purchase the Elgato model featured in the video from Amazon.

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