13+ Muffin Tin Hacks That Prove They’re Incredibly Useful for Other Things Too!

13+ Muffin Tin Hacks and Other Muffin Pan Uses. Muffin Pans Aren't Only for Making Muffins!

If there is one piece of bakeware that doesn’t get the use it deserves, it would have to be muffin tins. Most people don’t use their muffin tins as much as other bakeware but there are so many other muffin pan uses.

When you’re not baking muffins, get some inspiration for finding creative uses for muffin tins. Here are 13+ muffin pan hacks to get you started and if there are any we left out, make sure to let us know in the comments! If you like this, don’t miss these amazing life hacks that use normal everyday household items!

1) Create a cake frosting palette and let kids “paint” their muffins.

2) Create perfectly spaced grids to start your garden seedlings.

Getting perfectly straight rows is your first step to gardening on a budget! To let larger plantings grow, simply add seeds in every other hole.

3) Freeze leafy greens for smoothies.

Muffin pan hacks like this are also useful for any pureed vegetable or even for freezing broth as each muffin tin holds approximately 1/2 cup. Just toss a pod or two into your next stir-fry.

4) Create a kid’s “buffet” bento box.

Some kids don’t like their food touching each other so organize perfect portions in a muffin tin! Their very own bento box full of healthy snacks.

5) Serve condiments in a muffin tray.

Keep all your condiments in a muffin tray which makes it portable and easy to pass around to everyone.

6) Use a muffin tray as a votive candle holder.

7) Create lemon and lime ice cubes.

Easily make a delicious summer drink by adding a few slices of lemons and limes to each section of a muffin tin and fill with water. Freeze overnight then add all of them to a pitcher of water for instant citrus refreshment.

8) Make a sundae bar.

Let kids choose their favorite ice cream to make an ice cream sundae. You can also use another muffin tin to organize all the sundae toppings!

9) Build a muffin tin planter.

Upcycle old muffin tins by poking holes in the bottom of each section and using it as a planter. Here is a full tutorial for building a DIY muffin tin planter.

10) Create a swing-out hardware organizer.

There is always leftover space under a shelf so maximize that space by building swing-out organizers for screws, nails, and other hardware. Here are full instructions for building your own DIY muffin tin hardware bins.

11) Or, create a jewelry or desk organizer.

Upcycle an old muffin tin by painting it and using it to organize nearly anything you can think of.

12) Safely carry drinks and other snacks.

If you have to carry drinks for several kids at a party, simply put a muffin tin in a basket to safely carry drinks or snacks.

13) Bonus tip!: Here are 5 more ways to reuse muffin tins with unique muffin pan uses.


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Dust off your muffin tins and use them around the house because they are not only for baking! Please share these muffin pan uses and tips with your friends and family.

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