Looking for Fun Summer Nail Art? Learn How to Create These Awesome Watermelon Nails!

How to Create Cute Watermelon Nails This Summer!

Summer is about having fun and expressing yourself with hip summer wear and fun summer nails. These watermelon nails are sweet summer nail art and they’re sure to get you noticed!

Looking for Fun Summer Nail Art? Learn How to Create These Awesome Watermelon Nails!

This cute watermelon slice nail art tutorial from cutepolish is perfect for the summer when you want to look as sweet as summer’s favorite treat. The best part is you probably already have most of these polishes already. With the help of this easy-to-follow tutorial, you’ll have fun watermelon nail art in no time.

Watch this easy tutorial for creating cute watermelon nails…


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments regarding this watermelon nail art tutorial:

  1. “I love Hanna’s nail shape! It’s so pretty. And I love the design :)” – Ana Mertelj
  2. “Such a perfect design for summer! ????” – SweetTreats
  3. “I just ate watermelon???????????????? MY MOUTH PREDICTED THE FUTURE.” – Libby Eichorn
  4. “I really feel like eating some watermelon now.” – Dina Kubba
  5. “I got so excited when I saw the thumbnail! Idk why but I have this instinct, every time I see a nail art vid I can tell if it is Hannah or not!!” – Mariel Baltazar
  6. “Perfect for summer!???? who’s on summer break?????????” – Mireya Serna
  7. “You should do an expectation vs reality a new one! totally describes my life!” – Ally
  8. “I love this look but I’ve literally just finished painting my nails so… ????” – MiaKennedy
  9. “OMG!! ???? This is super juicy and CUUUTE!!!????????✨ How can you always make amazing designs in such an easy way?!! You’re a GENIUSSSSS Hannah!!!!!???????????????? Yum!!????????????????✨” – Nailbees

This watermelon nail art is so colorful and that it will look great on you while you’re enjoying those hot summer days. Please share this super easy to follow watermelon slice nail art tutorial with your friends and family.

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