13 Yummy Cupcake Nail Art Designs That Look Delicious Enough to Eat!

13 Cupcake Nails That Look Deliciously Yummy

I can’t think of a time when cupcakes were as popular as they are today. There are cupcake shops everywhere and the reason is that people can’t get enough cupcakes! Enter cupcake nails!

These 13 super cute cupcake nails are for the cupcake lover in you and let you share your love with everyone you meet. You are bound to get compliments on your nails with these yummy looking cupcake nail designs.

1) Yummy Cupcake nails.

2) Minty and Pinky colors of goodness.

3) What are cupcakes without a cherry on top!

4) Perfect birthday nails…Happy Birthday to me!

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5) Tons of sprinkles makes a great cupcake.


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6) Birthday cake confetti nails.

7) Pink cupcake nails with extra frosting!

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8) These cupcake nails are perfect!

9) What’s better than one cupcake? Lots and lots of cupcakes!

10) A delicious French vanilla frosting manicure.

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11) Swirls of gumdrops.

12) What a vibrant design!

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13) Extra sprinkles, please!

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These nails look absolutely delicious (Ok, pun intended)! If you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out these music nails that hit the right notes with music lovers.

Please share these creative cupcake nail designs with your friends and family.

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