4 Girls Place a Camera Phone on the Dash of Their Car. Then the Driver Glances at It…NO!!!

Carpool Karaoke of Fifth Harmony's "Worth It" Goes Wrong.

There is a huge problem where some people continue to talk and text while driving and this is one of the reasons why car companies are scrambling to design self-driving cars. First, it’s too early to determine if this will introduce new problems and second, the technology is still years or even decades away from being affordable. Until then, drivers simply need to keep their eyes on the road at all times.

This following video has a similar message as the video where a mother gets into an accident while posting to social media while driving. In this video, four girls put a camera phone on the dash of their car and start singing Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It” and everything is fine until the driver glances at her phone while driving.


It only takes a split second for an accident to occur but thankfully this crash was staged to prove a point and nobody got hurt. Please share this important message with your friends and family and let’s prevent distracted driving together.

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