This Cat Just Got a Brand New Cat Door That His Owner Proudly Installed. His Reaction Made Me Laugh!

Philo the Cat Rejects His Brand New Cat Door...Epic Cat Door Fail!

As much as cats are cute, they can sometimes drive their owners up the wall with their attitude. This cat’s owner decided to install a cat door thinking that his cat named Philo would like going in and out as he pleases.

After the installation, he shows him the new cat door; however, Philo doesn’t seem to be excited by the prospect of having a cat door. How he chooses to get into the house is hilarious and it might be back to square one for this pet owner!

Watch this epic cat door fail…


Philo the cat’s hilarious rejection of his brand new cat door reminds me of this dog afraid of the carpet. Please share this epic cat door fail with your friends and family.

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