A Mother Wasn’t Texting on Her Phone but What She Did Instead Was Just as Dangerous

AT&T Delivers Powerful Reminder in Distracted Driving Video.

With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate of speed, new devices are being released and each of them promises to make our lives easier but many of them also become a distraction when doing important things that require our undivided attention. Driving is one of those things and AT&T has released a very powerful video that demonstrates how only one short glance can lead to a life-changing traumatic event.

The video begins with 6 individual people going about their daily lives until something happens and all of their lives are irrevocably changed because of one mistake. It’s an important message that reminds us that when driving, whatever that email, blog post, or text message says…it can wait.


A life can change in a split-second and I applaud AT&T for reminding us to avoid distractions when driving. Please visit AT&T’s ItCanWait website and take the pledge to avoid distracted driving or download their DriveMode app which automatically silences incoming text messages.

Please share this important video about distracted driving with your friends and family.

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