This Woman Was Living on His Curb so He Decided to Do Something About It

For many unfortunate people, they spend their lives on the streets. Most times, it’s because of an unfortunate event that they had no control over. Job loss, bankruptcy, loss of parents or caregivers, and many more reasons have caused as much as 3.5 million people to live without a home in America.

Elvis Summers of Los Angeles has seen many people living on the streets in his neighborhood. One person in particular, Smokie, would stop by his home regularly to collect cans. Using discarded building materials and a small budget of $500, he decided to build her a small home. Her new home is also mobile to prevent breaking any city by-laws.

Watch how Elvis Summers and his organization is building tiny houses for the homeless…


It is said that “one person can change the world” and that is so true in this instance. If you would like to support this initiative, Summers has created a website to help build more homes for the homeless. Please share this excellent example of what can be done to help the homeless with your friends and family.

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