5 Profitable Items to Scrap

Scrap collecting and recycling are among the most labor-intensive but highly-rewarding enterprises that a business-minded person can get into. While the competition can be pretty high in some areas, there are places where an entrepreneur could corner the local market and stake their claim as the premier destination for valuable items for scrapping.

5 Profitable Items to Scrap.

The business side will be quite demanding since there are several factors that you have to consider if you want to make a considerable profit. First, you need to keep track of the market trends to price the items correctly. It wouldn’t do well if you lose money because you don’t do your due diligence and price the scrap way too much than the market price.

Once you collect a stash, for example, of copper, you need to coordinate with the appropriate recycling facility so you can sell the material and make space for new inventory. You would have to work with a reputable facility for copper recycling to ensure that you get the best deals for your scraps. They would process your scrap, and you’ll enjoy the profits from your hard work.

Here are other profitable items to scrap, buy, and sell.

Scrap Copper

Among the most profitable materials to scrap is copper. Many recycling centers put a premium on copper because industries have a massive demand for it. So if you happen to find someone who’s remodeling their home and seeks to dispose of the old faucets, wires, kitchen sinks, and other fixtures, you should work out a deal with them as you’ll turn a decent profit.


With several household and grocery items containing aluminum, it’s one of the more profitable materials to collect and scrap. Different industries have a huge demand for the material, and its versatility and availability cannot be understated. Among the materials that contain aluminum include food and soda cans, sidings, gutters, doors, frames, and even vehicle parts.


While it may not be readily available at home, many materials use brass. Some people overlook it, but they’re a valuable resource to scrap. You can scour bins and dumpsters for door locks, bed springs, trophies, and hinges. However, you’ll have to separate the material from aluminum and steel to maximize your profit.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of the most common materials which you could scrap. It’s readily available, which may lower the price than the rest, but you may make a considerable profit if you have them in bulk and they’re relatively clean. In addition, door handles, refrigerators, rods, bicycles, and other household appliances contain stainless steel, so you wouldn’t have to look too far for inventory.

Damaged Household Appliances

While they may be bulky and take up a larger space, damaged household appliances can also bring backyard scrap business some cash. Depending on what the appliances are made of, you can expect to get varying prices based on prevailing market conditions.

Takeaways On Scrap Collecting

People who want to establish a good backyard business should look into scrapping materials for profit. With the right partner, they can make a considerable profit for materials people generally throw away.

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