He Pours White Vinegar in a Frying Pan. The Result? I Never Would Have Known…

10 Vinegar Life Hacks You Should Know. They Are Awesome!

I usually don’t buy in bulk except for a few items butĀ vinegar is definitely one item I purchase in bulk. The uses for vinegar is nearly limitless and it’s perfect as a cleaner, a disinfectant, andĀ even for making DIY kitchen wipes.

HouseholdHacker demonstrates 10 incredible vinegar life hacks and some of them will surprise you. Here are 10 ways that you can use vinegar for everything from unclogging drains to cleaning your glasses:

  1. Unclogging a drain
  2. Removing adhesive residue
  3. Getting rid of awful smells.
  4. DIY Cleaning Products
  5. DIY Fruit fly Trap
  6. Getting Wrinkles out of clothing (My favorite)
  7. Preventing pets from scratching
  8. Make flowers last longer
  9. Cleaning your glasses perfectly
  10. Removing baked on gunk in a frying pan

Watch 10 awesome vinegar life hacks that you can use every day…


There are so many cleaners that are made with ingredients we can’t pronounce and potentially toxic but vinegar is natural and safe. Please share these 10 vinegar life hacks with your friends and family.

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