Get Your Party Started with 16 Food, Drink, and Decorating Ideas

Whenever throwing a large party for guests, getting all the preparations in order can get overwhelming. Try these 16 food, drink, and decorating ideas for spending less time working and more time socializing with friends and family. Make party preparations a breeze with these 16 party hacks!

1) Make these awesome DIY glowing balloons and bring the party outside.

Follow these steps for creating DIY glowing balloons!

2) Always have enough food and drinks using this handy chart.

3) Create funky colored drinks using a black light and the recipe below.

Here is how to make an Aurora-Borealis cocktail.

4) Use hollowed-out vegetables like red and green peppers to hold dips.

5) Use Solo red party cups to always get the right quantity for any beverage.

6) Add a fun variety of flavors to plain ice cream cone.

7) Make a DIY balloon surprise box.

Follow this tutorial to create a DIY balloon surprise box!

8) Use toothpicks to write your message before decorating it.

Learn how to write on a cake with these easy tips!

9) Use frozen water balloons to keep drinks cold.

10) No Bluetooth speaker? No problem.

11) Make a DIY chalkboard serving platter for cheese or other snacks.

Create this pretty DIY chalkboard serving platter.

12) Add cotton candy and fill glass with Perrier for a magic cocktail.

Here’s how to make a MAGIC Perrier cocktail.

13) Make crystal clear ice for all your drinks.

16 Party Hacks - Make crystal clear ice for all your drinks.

instructables / isr_Raviv

Get instructions for making crystal clear ice!

14) Create up to 24 different food stations.

Here are 24 food station ideas.

15) Make DIY confetti poppers.

16 Party Hacks - Make DIY confetti poppers.

weddingbells / Carlo Mendoza

Download free printables for making DIY confetti poppers!

16) Serve ice cream the easy way by slicing it. Instant ice cream cake!

Plan your next party like a pro and hope some of these tips will take the stress out of party planning. Please share these 16 party hacks with your friends and family.

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