Here Are What Family Photos with Kids Really Looks Like and It’s Hilarious

Taking family photos was always exhausting and I recall my parents gladly putting the camera away and taking a rest when it was over. Parents with young children will relate and a photo series from Danielle Guenther, a photographer from New York, captures the parenting chaos that is normally not captured when doing family photo shoots.

Best Case Scenario‘ is a photo series that depicts what most family photos should look like as kids rarely stay still for long periods of time. Danielle created the series after her own experiences of taking family photos and having some of them ‘spiraling out of control’.

Bringing kids to the supermarket may involve some chills and spills.

Juggling kids and other activities require focus.

Even just crossing the road can be a handful.

A typical day in the washroom when you have kids.

I hope they have an escape plan.

The rush hour during weekday mornings.

Just another mouth to feed.

Keeping things within arm’s reach.

A nice dinner with the kids at a restaurant.

Parenting is exhausting…

Parenting is exhausting at times but even with all of the chaos, it still is one of the greatest gifts of all. Please share these hilarious family photographs with your friends and family.

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