18 Smart DIY Ideas to Add Storage Space to Your Home. I’m So Glad I Found #8!

If I had to write a list of what I could use more of, storage space might be one of those items. No matter how organized we get, there is always room for more storage space in our homes.

Even if you have enough storage space in your home, finding useful storage tips to better organize storage spaces makes finding items that much easier. Here are 18 smart DIY storage ideas to add storage space to your home.

Storage Ideas #1: Install a heavy-duty appliance lift to save countertop space.

Hide your large appliances out of view and quickly and effortlessly take them out when you need them. Get this amazing Rev-A-Shelf Heavy-Duty Lift System.

Storage Ideas #2: Build a loft or home office and reclaim unused space in your foyer.

An entrance foyer with a high ceiling is nice; however, turning that space into a useful loft is a creative way of increasing your living space. Here is how one family created this beautiful loft for work and play.

Storage Ideas #3: Create a slide-out pantry in your kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen or just don’t have space for a full-size pantry, build a DIY canned food cabinet. This slide-out pantry is perfect to use up space between the wall and your refrigerator and here is the tutorial to build your own.

4) Build a dish-drying cabinet above your sink.

If you don’t want to add more cabinets you can also simply remove the bottom portion of the cabinet above your sink and add metal rods as pictured above. It will help your dishes drain into the sink and dry thoroughly out of sight.

5) Build a storage cabinet inside your wall!

Most walls can have up to 4″ of depth which is perfect for small shelves. When finished, simply conceal your new storage space with a swing-out mirror.

6) Use the space in front of your sink by installing tip-out trays.

This is handy for storing small items such as soap or sponges and reclaims some of the space beneath your sink. These tip-out trays with hinges are easy to install and you can buy them here.

7) Store your pans on slide-out racks for easy access.

These sliding cabinet organizers are inexpensive and remove the clutter from your cupboards. You can buy one here and they are super easy to install.

8) Organize the space under your kitchen sink with easy to reach trays.

Getting items under your kitchen can be a chore but not with easy pull out trays. Follow these step-by-step instructions for building kitchen sink storage trays.

9) Use the space behind your door with behind-the-door shelves.

The space behind your door is often overlooked but is prime space for shelves to hold a variety of items. Follow these instructions to build simple storage solutions like behind-the-door shelves.

10) Maximize kitchen storage space by installing under-cabinet drawers.

Underneath most kitchen cabinets is wasted space. Follow these step-by-step instructions and make use of that wasted space by installing under-cabinet toe-kick drawers. They are perfect to store everyday items like bakeware or cleaning supplies.

11) Increase your closet space by up to 60% by adding chains.

Clothing like shirts and blouses can be hung on a chain until it nearly reaches the floor. It saves space and only cost less than $20 in supplies. Here is what you need to build space saving closet hangers.

12) Add shelving behind your closet door for added space.

Get up to 2 extra square feet in your closet with this handy tip! Here is a full tutorial and items you’ll need to build these behind closet storage spaces.

13) Keep items off the closet floor by building a closet pegboard wall.

This couldn’t be easier to build and will help keep your closet organized. Follow these instructions to build your own pegboard closet wall!

14) Get the most out of your pantry by installing lazy susans.

We always tend to avoid placing items in the corner or most cabinets because items are hard to reach. Solve this issue by giving your pantry a makeover and installing one or more lazy susans to easily access all your pantry items.

15) Make use of the area between the ceiling and your cupboard by organizing your kitchen with storage boxes.

The clutter-free look of this apartment was achieved by also removing the cabinet doors and painting the back of the cupboards the same color as the wall. Here are more tips for an organized kitchen that looks great!

16) Increase your cupboard space by using a serving tray as a shelf divider for glasses and other small items.

Follow these instructions to build a sturdy tray divider in your cupboards.

17) Build a spice rack and drawers for dried goods underneath your kitchen cupboards.

If you have a lot of real estate between your countertop and your cupboards, adding a spice rack such as this one looks great and is practical. Here are more clever ways of storing your spices.

18) Instantly create more storage space with DIY upholstered storage benches.

Not only do these benches look great, but they can also hold quite a bit and are super easy to build. Get the free project plan for building an upholstered storage bench that will look great for years

If you feel you’re running out of space in your home, don’t move…improve! These DIY projects and storage ideas will increase your storage space and most projects could be completed in hours. Please share these DIY storage ideas with your friends and family.

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