46 Useful Storage Ideas That Will Help Organize Everything Around Your Home

46 Awesome Home Organizing Tips and DIY Projects

You’ve probably kept your home clean using some of these cleaning hacks but as we live in our homes for years, we also accumulate a lot of things and only when we move do we notice how much “stuff” we really have. Keeping our homes not only clean but also organized makes it much easier to locate a specific item and reduce clutter in your home.

Whether you’re already organized or you find yourself picking up a mess every day, these storage ideas are simple and will keep all of the rooms in your home tidy and neat.

1) Storage ideas: Store wet toys after bath time in a metal hanging fruit basket.

kitchen storage ideas like this one is a great way to keep all your kid’s bath toys and accessories in one place.

2) Use a wine rack to hold bath towels.

Most people would think you need counseling when installing a wine rack in a washroom but the racks are great for holding towels.

3) Organize all your Christmas ornaments.

This handy DIY Christmas ornament storage bin is inexpensive and easy to build. Here is how to create DIY Christmas ornaments storage bins.

4) Store your glass ornaments in empty egg cartons.

Glass ornaments need extra care during storage and egg cartons are great for storing fragile ornaments.

5) Use a plastic tackle box to store batteries.

Tackle boxes offer useful storage ideas because they have many compartments of different sizes to accommodate any type of battery.

6) Use glass or plastic kitchen canisters to organize screws and nails.

Garage storage ideas should always include kitchen canisters. They come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way to organize screws, nails, bolts, or any other type of fastener.

7) Organize ball caps using shower rings and a plastic hanger.

Most families have tons of baseball caps and storage ideas like this one is a great way of organizing them in one place.

8) Store your spices on the fridge using baby jars with magnetic lids.

All your spices are easily labeled and instantly turn your fridge into the ultimate spice rack. Here is how to create magnet spice bottles using baby food jars.

9) Use empty glass bottles as bracelet holders.

Use your imagination and create a custom bracelet holder that reflects your personality.

10) Organize assorted sports balls using bungee cords.

This works best if your garage or basement has open studs or unfinished walls. Here is how this family provides great garage storage ideas using existing studs and bungee cords.

11) Attach crown moldings to your wall to organize shoes.

Nearly everybody could use more storage ideas when it comes to shoes. Here’s one more! Keep your shoes off the ground and use empty wall space by installing crown moldings to your closet wall.

12) Use garment hangers to organize your boots.

Free up floor space in your closet by hanging your boots using garment hangers

13) Store all your flip-flops using DIY hangers.

These hangers are super cute and so easy to make. Here is theĀ full tutorial for creating these DIY flip-flop hangers.

14) Create a LEGO key and charging cable holder.

I can’t wait to create this one! Keep your keys and smartphone charging cable from falling on the ground with this fun holder.

15) Use a kitchen lid rack to create a DIY clutch organizer.

It doesn’t get any easier than this with this DIY clutch organizer and it works perfectly!

16) Use PVC pipes to store any type of curling iron.

PVC pipes are inexpensive and they make excellent curling iron holders. Here is how to create a PVC pipe curling iron holder.

17) Organize your makeup drawer with plastic trays and non-slip drawer liners.

Also, you can use disinfecting wipes to regularly clean any makeup that ends up inside or outside the trays.

18) Create a jewelry organizer shelf using tacks and a few pieces of wood trim.

A terrific way to organize necklaces and other jewelry. Here is how to make a DIY jewelry organizer shelf using wood trim and tacks.

19) Keep your sewing thread neatly organized with DIY framed thread holder.

All you need is an old board and some wood trim to create this DIY framed thread holder. Here is a tutorial for how to make a framed thread holder.

20) If you have open areas in your kitchen, install shelves to display your glasses.

Make drinking glasses easy to find for guests and also creates room in your cupboards for other things.

21) Cut a shoe organizer in half and use it to store cleaning supplies under the sink.

Use one half in the kitchen and use the other half in your bathroom or laundry room.

22) Reuse baby wipe containers for crayons, markers, stickers, and so much more!

Don’t throw these away as they make excellent storage cases for so many things.

23) Build a DIY His and Hers closet organizer.

If you have a walk-in closet, this is terrific for organizing the small but important things in your closet. Here is how to build a custom His and Hers Closet Organizer.

24) Add a Velcro strip to your dish towels so it doesn’t fall when hanging.

My towels are ALWAYS falling from the oven so I gotta try this!

25) Install towel racks inside your cupboards to store pot covers and lids.

Never search for a matching lid again with this great tip. Here is how to de-clutter your pots and lids.

26) Secure hanging baskets onto a peg board to hold kitchen supplies or vegetables.

This is a unique way of organizing your kitchen and it looks great too.

27) Hang bath products on your shower bar for easy access.

You can use a variety of clips to secure your shampoo, conditioner, or bath sponge.

28) Reuse an empty disinfecting wipes container to store any type of plastic bag.

These are also great for holding dog bags if going for a walk with the dog. Here are the steps for repurposing disinfecting wipes containers.

29) Use ice cube trays to store jewelry or craft supplies.

This would also be a great idea for the garage if you want to sort screws, nails, or other fasteners.

30) Add racks and hooks to store your kitchen utensils.

Nothing is worse than trying to find kitchen utensils in a crowded cabinet drawer. Instead, store them on hooks in the kitchen for easy access.

31) Create a hanging shelf using only baskets and cup hanger hooks.

You can find these types of baskets at Target or get more information on how to organize the family room with this shelf hack.

32) Use magazine holders to store canned foods.

Most can are available in common sizes and many fit perfectly in a variety of magazine racks. For this one, two flattened bobby pins were used as a stopper.

33) Hang your cups on hooks and create more shelving space.

Using cup hooks also prevents teacups or mugs from breaking while stacking them.

34) Install a magnet for your tweezers.

Tweezers always seem to be hiding behind a jar or bottle when you need one. Prevent this from happening by installing a magnet inside the medicine cabinet.

35) Keep shoes and sandals organized with shoe pegs.

I find myself with a mountain of shoes at the door and this tip is fantastic. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for creating a shoe peg organizer.

36) Add double hooks to organize your dusters and dustpans.

The inside of doors is a great place for installing hooks to help secure all sorts of things.

37) Use an old spice rack to organize your nail polish.

38) Hang an old shoe organizer in the closet to store paper rolls or other cleaning supplies.

Another great tip is installing hooks to the side walls of your closet to hang things like brooms and mops

39) Never lose bobby pins again with a magnet strip.

You can purchase magnetic strip rolls in many department and hardware stores. They have sticky tape on one side so they can be secured anywhere.

40) Put your washer and dryer on a shelf and store laundry baskets underneath.

Here are plans for creating washer and dryer pedestals like the one pictured.

41) Store all your wrapping paper in a garment bag.

Keep your wrapping paper in a garment bag and hang it in your closet.

42) If your basement has an unfinished ceiling, use it to your advantage and store items on wire shelves.

Installing wire shelves is super easy and ceiling joists are the perfect width to accommodate many types of plastic storage containers.

43) Paint your inner cabinet door with chalkboard paint and install hooks to measuring cups and spoons.

This looks great and the uses are endless. Here is how this specific door was created.

44) Install an adhesive hook behind your baby’s high chair to hang baby bibs or other baby supplies.

This tip only takes seconds to do but can be helpful in so many ways.

45) Use old magazine racks to store foil, plastic wrap, and waxed paper.

Make room in your pantry by storing them magazine stand secured on the inside of a cabinet door.

46) Organize your tights by color on a clothes hanger.

46 Useful Storage Ideas - Organize your tights by color on a clothes hanger.

Tumblr / whatiwore

View all your tights at a glance by hanging them in your closet.

H/t: FaithTap

Keeping your home organized is a daily job but hopefully, some of these storage ideas and hacks make the job easier. Please share these 46 amazing storage ideas and hacks with your friends and family.

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