13 Activities for Kids That Will Help Them Learn and Have Fun at the Same Time

13 Activities for Kids That Will Help Them Learn and Have Fun.

Kids love activities because they instinctively love to create things and not only is it fun for them, they learn valuable skills like problem-solving and teamwork. Science is a particularly interesting subject because generally science is thought of as boring but these activities may help demonstrate how science is fun and get kids interested about science.

All 13 of these fun activities were created by Asia Citro, founder of the blog ‘Fun at home with Kids‘, and they all are incredibly fun projects for kids and adults alike. The reason why Citro’s activities are so fun is because they ignite creativity and make use of all our senses like touch, smell, bright colors to see, and yes even taste in some projects.

1) This fingerpaint that is not only fun for kids and toddlers, it’s scented and edible!

Here is how to make scented edible no-cook fingerpaint.


2) Soap foam bubbles are even better when they have all the colors of a rainbow

Here is how to create rainbow soap foam bubbles.


3) Have fun excavating items frozen in a rainbow ice tower

The limits are endless with what items to choose for your ice tower. Here is how to make your own rainbow ice tower excavation project.


4) Make safe and natural play dough that glows!

Kids love things that glow and this playdough is perfect. Here is how to make all natural glowing playdough.


5) What’s more fun than making sand sculptures? Salt sculptures you can paint afterwards!

Here is how to make painted salt sculptures.


6) Play with magic puffing snow that won’t melt

Here is how to make magic puffing snow.


7) Have a blast with rainbow foam dough

They’ll have fun for hours with this one. Here is how to make rainbow foam dough (or rainbow FUN dough!)


8) Dried colored beans are great for all types of play

Here is how to make colored beans.


9) Playing with colors has never been more fun with safe and edible water beads

Here is how to make safe and edible mini water beads.


10) Make bath time even more fun with safe and edible glowing water

Here is how to make safe and edible glow water for baths and play.


11) Have fun with science by making elephant toothpaste

Here is how to make elephant toothpaste.


12) Play with gooey polka dot slime that can stretch over 9 feet!

This version is meant for older children but there is an edible version also. Here is how to make polka dot slime.


13) Create awesome bath foam bombs for bathtime fun

Here is how to make DIY foam bombs for the bath.

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Most store bought toys and crafts usually contain artificial ingredients which makes them unsafe but all of these crafts are made with natural ingredients and many are safe enough to eat if your little ones decide to put some in their mouth. Please visit funathomewithkids.com for more great activities for babies, toddlers, and kids of all ages.

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