This French Bulldog Gets Ratted Out by His Own Best Friend. And Yes, It’s Hilarious. LOL!

Dogs love to get themselves in trouble; however, if there is more than one dog in the house, it may be difficult to find out who is causing mischief. This cute French Bulldog was found wrapped in toilet paper. It’s not too difficult to pinpoint who caused the mess! Especially when he is wrapped with evidence.

To add insult to injury, his so-called “friend”, an adorable Bullmastiff, snitches him out like yesterday’s garbage when asked by his owner, “Who made this mess?” The French Bulldog is getting shamed by his own best friend but his reaction is beyond cute.

Watch this French Bulldog get outed by his best friend…


By the reaction on his cute little face, I can’t tell if he’s more disappointed in himself than by his friend’s betrayal. Either way, I’m sure they’ll get past this and remain good friends!

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