13 Home Cleaning Tips Using Normal Household Ingredients. Macgyver Would Be Proud.

13 Home Cleaning Tips Using Normal Household Ingredients.

Everybody could use a shortcut to clean something or employ a tip that uses ingredients we already have on hand for common cleaning chores. If you like upcycling ideas that use normal household items to build things, these cleaning tips use normal household items to clean things!

These 13 home cleaning tips will help you remove rust, clean stubborn clothes stains, deodorize your dishwasher, and so much more! If you have any favorites, please let us know in the Facebook comments below!

1) Use lemons to help remove rust and hard water stains

If you want to make a cleaning paste for stubborn rust or hard water stains, simply use 2:1 ratio of salt and lemon juice.

2) Pick up all pieces of broken glass with a slice of bread.

Home cleaning tips like this one is just perfect because you can just throw out the bread slices when done!

3) Use chalk for stubborn grease stains on clothes

Don’t ask me why it works but it does. Just rub the chalk over the grease stain and let stand a few minutes before throwing it in the wash.

4) Use ice, vinegar, and lemons to clean your garbage disposal

Simply use 8 parts water and 1 part vinegar and use solution to fill ice cube tray. Chop lemon into small pieces and drop a piece in each ice cube slot then freeze. Once frozen, drop ice cubes into garbage disposal and let it run until all ice has been grounded up. Run your faucet afterwards to clean up any small pieces of debris. View more home cleaning tips and detailed instructions for this garbage disposal cleaning trick.

 5) Clean your burners without scrubbing using ammonia.

Place 1/4 cup ammonia and place in ziplock bag along with the burner, seal the bag and let rest for overnight. For more detailed instructions, here’s the no scrub way to clean your stove burners.

6) Use foil to scrub glassware or steel pans (don’t use on non-stick pans!)

Save your scouring pads and use leftover foil to remove stubborn baked on food from glass and steel cookware.

7) Use vinegar and baking soda to clean your dishwasher and remove odors.

Simply place 1 cup of vinegar on the top rack run one cycle using hot water to make your dishwasher spotless. When finished, sprinkle a cup of baking soda throughout and run again for one cycle using hot water to remove odors.

8) Clean your oven with simple ammonia.

Make sure your oven is cold before doing this. Fill a bowl with 1/2 cup of ammonia and let sit in closed oven overnight. The next morning, wipe down with a clean cloth for easy removal.

9) Use Play-Doh to pick up glitter or messy materials.

You may have seen a similar cleaning putty products on TV to pick-up dust and grime but just use normal Play-Doh instead!

10) Use equal amounts of lemon juice and baking soda to help remove rust from metal parts.

The chemical reaction between the citric acid in the lemon and baking soda creates an effective rust remover.

11) Clean wooden and bamboo cutting boards with kosher salt and lemon.

One ounce of lemon juice contains 1.44 grams of citric acid so it also helps kill any bacteria on the cutting board. Cut a lemon in half and rub the first half to clean the board. Next generously sprinkle the board with kosher salt and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Finally, use the second half of lemon and rub the salt into the board. Rinse off the salt and lemon juice and dry with a clean cloth. Clean and disinfected with only natural ingredients!

12) Use baby shampoo to clean your makeup brushes.

Wash, rinse, repeat 🙂

13) Use vinegar and baking soda to make your new towels more absorbent.

Ever notice some new towels seem to repel water? Over time they absorb better but speed up the process using this tip. Wash the towels in hot water twice. For the first wash, throw a cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle (dump it in slowly so it gets diluted). For the second wash, throw 1/2 cup of baking soda during the rinse cycle. If you need more details, please read how to make new towels more absorbent.

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Most companies that specialize in cleaning products can’t bottle these solutions but instead need to sell a “patented” formula which basically doesn’t clean any more effectively and is generally hazardous to your health if used improperly.

Please share these safe and economical home cleaning tips with your friends and family.

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