Mailman Doesn’t Deliver Package Because of a ‘Bear at Door’. That’s a Good Reason.

Matthew Fane was expecting a package from Canada Post but what he wasn’t expecting was a huge “bear at door” preventing the mailman from delivering the package.

The Canada Post letter carrier, Ken Brassington, was on route to deliver the package but didn’t dare because of the bear blocking the entrance. Instead, he left a delivery slip on Fane’s mailbox down the street indicating that he couldn’t deliver the package because of a ‘Bear at door’. I can’t think of a better reason not to deliver a package, hilarious.

Canada Post letter carrier, Ken Brassington, checked the ‘Other’ box and wrote ‘Bear at door’ on the delivery slip.


The bear was roaming around the yard and wouldn’t budge as the mailman entered the driveway with his vehicle.


I agree, that’s a very good reason 🙂


If that isn’t a good reason not to deliver a package, I don’t know what is! LOL. Please share this humorous story of a postman encountering a huge bear when trying to deliver a package at a home in British Columbia with family and friends.

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