22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth. #1 Looks Like a Real Life Pokémon!

Just when you think that you have seen every animal there is to see, nature decides to create new species such as a real-life Pokémon to keep things interesting. Scientists are discovering sea creatures that look like they came from another world but there are also weird animals on earth you’ve probably never seen before.

While some of these weird animals almost look like they are Photoshopped, they are indeed real and living in their own habitat. While they may look strange, some of them look so adorable as well! If you’re lucky enough to spot one of these strange animals in person, hopefully, you have your phone or camera on you to get a once in a lifetime shot.

Presenting 22 Weird Animals you’ll only find on Earth…

1) Dumbo Octopus

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - Dumbo Octopus

This adorable little octopus that looks like a real-life Pokémon, lives over 5,000 feet under the sea.

2) The Giant Isopod

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Giant Isopod

If insects gross you out, these sea insects are probably not something you’d like to get close to either. Giant isopods actually get this big because of a phenomenon known as “deep sea gigantism” where they experience larger growth compared to similar species in shallow water.

3) The Thorny Dragon

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Thorny Dragon

This Australian lizard loves living in the desert and it has a unique defense for avoiding predators. It is covered in sharp spikes for protection and its small size helps it evade predators.

4) The Pacu Fish

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Pacu Fish

While it may initially seem like this fish is wearing a pair of human dentures, it actually grows teeth that looks remarkably like our pearly whites. While it looks friendly, it belongs to the Piranha family and is nicknamed the “ball-cutter” so don’t wish to encounter this fish while swimming.

5) The Shoebill

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Shoebill

These large birds have a bill that looks like a shoe and they can grow as big as 152 centimeters in height. They live in large swamps in tropical East Africa.

6) The Blue Dragon

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Blue Dragon

This magnificent looking creature is a species of sea slug and lives in warm ocean water. They have a gas-filled sac in its stomach which allows it to float on the water’s surface.

7) The Bush Viper

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Bush Viper

These snakes live in trees in the tropical forests of Africa and they love hunting at night. Unlike the smooth texture of other snakes, the bush viper has scales that stick out but they are a smaller variety of snakes that reaches a maximum length of 31 inches.

8) The Umbonia Spinosa

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Umbonia Spinosa

If there is one insect that looks like it belongs in the next ‘Men in Black’ movie, the umbonia spinosa would be it. Scientists are still unsure of its origin but think it is related to the cicida and it feeds on plant sap.

9) The Peacock Mantis Shrimp

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Peacock Mantis Shrimp

With its psychedelic colors, you would think this crustacean is laid back but they are anything but. They pack a punch with 340 pounds of force at nearly 50 miles an hour and love to smash their prey into submission.

10) Blind Snake

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - Blind Snake

If you have a fear of snakes, this snake is blind but that probably won’t change your opinion about snakes. It is found in the Amazon river and has several nicknames due to its resemblance to a certain male appendage.

11) Red-Lipped Batfish

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - Red-Lipped Batfish

Unlike other fish and weird animals, the red-lipped batfish actually uses its fins to walk on the ocean floor. I wonder if the invention of lip gloss was inspired by the red-lipped batfish.

12) The Blue Parrotfish

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Blue Parrotfish

The blue parrotfish always appears like it is smiling for the camera, doesn’t it? This happy looking fish also likes to eat and spends 80% of its time looking for food.

13) Lowland Streaked Tenrec

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - Lowland Streaked Tenrec

While this lowland streaked tenrec looks cute, I wouldn’t pet it anytime soon because of those large quills covering most of its body. It can be found in Madagascar, Africa, and its diet mainly consists of earthworms.

14) Okapi

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - Okapi

Okapis may look like they belong to the horse or zebra family but they actually belong to the giraffe family. They are native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa where people can experience their cuteness.

15) The Sea Pig

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Sea Pig

This ocean creature only gets his name because of it’s resemblance to a pig because it is actually related to sea cucumbers. They have odd-looking tube feet that help them walk across the deep-ocean floor at depths of over 3,200 feet.

16) The Saiga Antelope

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Saiga Antelope

A unique feature of this antelope is its large flexible nose that serves two purposes. It helps filter the air in the summer and helps warm the air before entering their lungs in the winter but unfortunately, this species is on the endangered species list.

17) The Indian Purple Frog

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Indian Purple Frog

“Things that look slimy for a hundred, Alex!” Seriously though, this frog likes to live underground and only comes up to the surface for two weeks every year for the mating season.

18) The Hummingbird Hawk-Moth

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Hummingbird Hawk-Moth

Hummingbirds can do no wrong and this adorable Hawk-Moth variety is no different. The hummingbird hawk-moth resembles a moth, a hawk, and a hummingbird, hence its name.

19) The Venezuelan Poodle Moth

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Venezuelan Poodle Moth

The moth somewhat resembles a poodle but I wouldn’t pet it just yet. Like many weird animals, it was only recently discovered in 2009 so not much is yet known about this adorable moth.

20) The Panda Ant

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Panda Ant

You can wrap anything in a panda print and it would look adorable, even including ants! The Panda ant actually is a type of wasp though and it stings just as badly so don’t get too close.

21) The Narwhal

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - The Narwhal

The Narwhal is something you would think only exists in fairy tales but the unicorn of the sea is truly real. They live in the Arctic and their large “tusk” is actually a canine tooth and it offers plenty of protection against predators.

22) Ezo Momonga

22 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth - Ezo Momonga
Source Unknown

This cute little fella is a flying squirrel near Hokkaido Island in Japan and his big shiny eyes only make him cuter.

Nature is amazing and it is always exciting with new species are discovered. Please share these weird animals that almost don’t look real with your friends and family.

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