These Creatures Are Not Extra-Terrestrials. They’re Swimming in the Ocean Right Now.

According to researchers and scientists, only 5-7 percent of the ocean floor has been mapped and explored and only 0.5 percent of the ocean itself. In other words, 95.5 percent of the ocean is unexplored!

The ocean remains a mysterious place with many species that are yet to be found in the deepest parts of the ocean. The following weird fish species are only some that have been discovered in our oceans and they are as alien-looking as anything you could find anywhere else.

1) Bloodybelly Comb Jelly



2) Dumbo Octopus


3) Salp


4) Goblin Shark


5) Blobfish


6) Bobbit Worm



7) Barreleye


17 Weird Fish That Look Like Extra-Terrestrials - Barreleye in action.


8) Flower Hat Jellyfish


9) Atolla Jellyfish


10) Sarcastic Fringehead



11) Glass Squid


12) Pink See-Through Fantasia


13) Squidworm


14) Terrible Claw Lobster


15) Water Bear



16) Ribbon Eel



17)  Marrus Orthocanna

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Some of these weird fish species just freak me out but they are truly wonders of nature. Why look to outer space when there are so many sea creatures just waiting to be discovered in our own backyard?

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