The World Needs More High-Fives and This Guy Is Rocking It One High-Five at a Time

The world needs more high-fives and Filmmaker Meir Kalmanson is rocking it

A Brooklyn man decided to show some love to New Yorkers hailing cabs by spontaneously giving them a high-five. Don’t leave him hanging, high-fiving is caring 🙂

Filmmaker Meir Kalmanson ran around Park Avenue and gave high-fives to unsuspecting strangers. As you’d expect, the reactions on people’s faces are priceless.

Watch Filmmaker Meir Kalmanson give high-fives to unsuspecting strangers in New York City.


H/t: Huffington Post

New York has a reputation for being a rude city but with people like Meir Kalmanson, I have problems believing that’s true. Please share this video of Filmmaker Meir Kalmansonwith giving everybody he meets a high-five with friends and family and make them smile.

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