Here Are 22 Things Only Mini Pig Owners Will Understand

Mini pigs are adorable but many people don’t realize that they require a lot of care. The other risk is that although they start out small, they can grow fairly large like this couple found out.

Their cuteness makes up for all the effort because when well-trained, they make awesome pets. Here are 22 things mini pig owners will understand and why they chose these adorable animals as pets.

1) All you need is a kiddie pool, and you’ll get to enjoy cuteness all summer long.

2) One mini pig is cute but in a bunch, they’re even cuter.

3) Mini pigs know how to turn any situation into a fun experience.

4) Mini pigs make any occasion or holiday even more special.

5) Throw in a couple of cats and watching them will take your cares away.

6) Mini pigs can be house-trained so no need to put them outside.

7) They’re curious and love to play with everything.

8) They love road trips.

22 mini pigs - They love road trips.

Instagram / @prissy_pig

9) They’re laid back and get along great with any animal.

22 mini pigs - They're laid back and get along great with any animal.

Instagram / @wolfgang2242

10) They love pool parties.

11) They are pretty good skateboarders.

12) They know it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and always like to have fun.

22 mini pigs - They know it's 5 o'clock somewhere and always like to have fun.

Instagram / @prissy_pig

13) They also know there is always room for dessert.

14) They can hold their own against any cat or dog.

15) They like to go outside in style.

22 mini pigs - They like to go outside in style.

Instagram / @prissy_pig

16) They like to snuggle.

17)  They find cute friends everywhere they go.

18) They’re also full of courage and take risks.

19) They’re quite artistic.

20) They are cleaner than you think and love a good bath.

21) ‘Pigs in a blanket’ takes on a whole new meaning of cuteness.

22) They like to go for walks and sure to attract a lot of smiles from other people on the street.

They are loyal and so well-mannered that they make cute pets for the right owners. If you like this article, here are a cute mini pig duo, Priscilla and Poppleton.

Please share the ways mini pigs are so great with your friends and family.

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