These Cute Mini Pigs Will Warm Your Heart with Their Fashion Sense. Check out #8, Hilarious.

These models are pigs…literally! But what cute mini pigs they are. They are a sister and brother and they’re named Priscilla and Poppleton, respectively.

On their Facebook page, they state that they love “eating, sleeping, rooting, walks on the beach, belly rubs, Cheerio baths, and trips to grandma/grandpa’s farm.”

1) “It LOOKS like ice cream but I think somebody is playing a trick on us.” 🙂


2) “Oink”, can you feel the love?


3) “I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright!”


4) “I get first dibs on the crossword puzzle.”


5) Poppleton is stylin’ with his Spider-Man tie and dufflebag.


 6) Sweet dreams! Do mini pigs count sheep to fall asleep?


7) “Quick, take a picture because I have to go. That slide behind me is screaming my name…”


8) “This is a perfect day. Our favorite Starbucks drink and the barista spelled our names right!”


9) “I’m letting these balloon float up into the sky as a gift for my friend Diesel up in heaven”


10) “Howdy partner!”


11) “Yes, I have fur but that water was still freezing! Brrr.”


12) “Feeling patriotic with red, white and blue.”

Via My Modern Metropolis

Priscilla and Poppleton are so cute and view even more pictures of them on their very own Instagram page! Please share this adorable mini pigs duo with your family and friends.

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