A Couple Bought a 3-Pound Piglet a Couple of Years Ago but They Received so Much More

When a Canadian couple bought a cute miniature pig a couple of years ago, they never suspected it would grow up to be 670 pounds of cuteness! Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter of Toronto, Canada, purchased what was supposed to be a pygmy piglet but instead, it turned out it was a commercial pig.

They named her Esther and today she is a member of the family and they love her with all their hearts. Esther the wonder pig has also captured the hearts of many celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres and Melissa Gilbert and she is well on her way to becoming a celebrity herself.

Meet Esther the wonder pig when she was only a 3-pound piglet. The cute piglet was adopted by Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter of Toronto, Canada.

Two years later, Esther is grown up and is now 670-pounds of cuteness.

She is a loving part of the family and loves spending time with the couple’s other pets.

Even Esther loves getting a treat!

Who doesn’t love to play in the freshly fallen snow? Esther is all over it and she definitely seems to love playing outside.

Esther is proudly Canadian and I’m sure she appreciates her owners for treating her so well. She is one lucky pig to have such great owners.

After playing in the snow, she loves to cuddle up by a warm and toasty fireplace.

Even Esther needs her beauty rest.

The couple recently raised over $440,000 on Indiegogo for building animal sanctuary because of their passion for animals.

Esther is cute and pretty and she knows it.

Once they realized how intelligent pigs were, they stopped eating meat and both are now vegans.

She loves spending quality time with her family.

Raising a pig is hard work and can be tiring but it’s all worth it.

I’m sure Steve and Derek never expected how much of a positive impact Esther would make in their lives but she deserves all their love for bringing such joy.

I hope Esther and her story touched your heart as she certainly touched mine.

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Esther the wonder pig has certainly changed Steve and Derek’s lives and in such a good way. They are dedicating their lives to building an animal sanctuary and so many other animals will be blessed by their generosity of giving their time and love. Please share this inspiring story with your friends and family.

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