This Beach Makes a Splash with Beachgoers and in a Very Big Way

Playa Puerto Nuevo - this Beach Makes a Very Big Splash with Beachgoers.

While many people in North America are under a polar vortex in January, beachgoers at Playa Puerto Nuevo get one of the best wave displays ever. Playa Puerto Nuevo is a must see beach in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico and it is an enclosed beach that is sheltered from the North Antlantic ocean by huge natural rock formations forming a wall around the beach.

When the massive northern swells hit the limestone barriers, it creates a dazzling spectacle for beachgoers. The following video was taken in 2010 on a day that was particularly impressive and demonstrates the power of nature.


If you could only visit one beach in the world, this beach deserves a spot in the list as it is one of the most impressive and unique beaches in the world. Please share the incredible waves at Playa Puerto Nuevo with your friends and family.

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