You Will Wish Every Gas Station Washroom Looked like This

You will wish every gas station washroom looked like this - Shell Gas Station Bathroom in Bohol, Philippines.

Like some people, I wouldn’t touch a gas station washroom door let alone enter it. I am not implying that gas stations have horrible washrooms; however, I think there is still a stigma associated with gas station washrooms. Some people still think they are dirty and slimy.

A Shell gas station in Bohol, Philippines, has possibly one of the most welcoming washrooms that you would find anywhere. In the following video, Jason Godfrey, who was visiting in the area took some video of the washroom since he was so impressed with it.

Watch as this man reveals the inside of this real gas station bathroom in Bohol, Phillippines…


I must admit that recently, gas station washrooms have improved but this one in Bohol is beyond words. Just like thisĀ garageĀ converted into an apartment, It’s almost like an alternate dimension. A Shell station on the outside and a luxury style washroom on the inside.Please share this impressive looking gas station bathroom with your friends and family.

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