Hilarious Jack Russel Is Super Excited to Be at the Dog Show. You’ll LOL When He Does THIS!

Many dog owners spend countless hours, months, and even years training their dogs. When they perform at dog competitions, it can be an exciting experience for both the dog and the owner. There are instances when dogs have a mind of their own though, like when a Golden Retriever eats treats during an obedience competition. Get ready to meet Olly the Jack Russell Terrier…

Little Olly the Jack Russell Goes Crazy with Excitement at Crufts 2017!

During a Rescue Dog Agility competition at Crufts 2017 in England,¬†little Olly the Jack Russell Terrier couldn’t contain his excitement. After face-planting on a jump, he went off script and won the hearts of everyone with his antics. Olly the Jack Russell Terrier’s genuine excitement of running and jumping will immediately put a smile on your face.

Watch Olly the Jack Russell Terrier go crazy with excitement at Crufts 2017…


He may not have had a good run for the judges but little Olly the Jack Russell is definitely the winner on social media!

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments for the video, “Hilarious Jack Russell Goes Crazy with Excitement at Crufts 2017!” by Crufts:

  1. “I love the announcer as much as I love the dog. What a sweet guy.” – Rae Z
  2. “This pupper is the embodiment of ‘Doesn’t matter if you win or lose, just have a good time'” – Chrysaura
  3. “I love the announcer. Seriously. ‘What a nose dive… and he couldn’t care less!’ I’m crying.” – Rumpel Stilzchen
  4. “‘He’s all over the place, and so he should be’ This is the best line from the commentator. It’s so sweet. (Also the part where he goes, ‘yayyyyyyyy~~’ is gold!)” – shinbin118
  5. “The dogs that don’t follow the rules are much more fun to watch.” – J024
  6. “When you leave work on Friday…” – Damien Patrick
  7. “The dog should have gotten a price for ‘Most Enthusiasm’.” – A Savannah

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