A Horse Rider Entered the Auditorium Wearing a Cape and Their Performance Left Them in Awe

Laura Sumrall and Wimpys are World Freestyle Champions.

It’s amazing how horses can remember complex training routines such as the world-famous Clydesdales in the Budweiser commercials. But when it comes to horse competitions, the 2015 Kentucky Reining Cup is where the best of the best compete and for 23-year-old Laura Sumrall, she knew her horse Wimpys was well prepared

Her routine was inspired by Disney’s ‘Frozen’ and featured the incredibly popular song ‘Let It Go’ by Idina Menzel. Dressed in a long cloak, she entered the arena with Wimpys and gave the audience a performance that left them in awe.

Watch Laura Sumrall and her horse Wimpys’ “Let It Go” winning performance…



It was flawless routine and Laura Sumrall won the title of World Freestyle Reining champion at the 2015 Kentucky Reining Cup. Please share this incredible horse rider and her equally incredible horse Wimpys with your friends and family.

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