This Convenience Store Keeps Getting Robbed. The Cutest Little Thief Was Caught on Camera!

Every retail business must accept the fact that some people will steal products from their stores for various reasons. In the case of a convenience store in Toronto’s east end, they have been noticing the candy bars have been disappearing.

Squirrel Steals Chocolate Bars From Convenience Store in Toronto.

The owners of Luke’s Grocery & Snack Bar had an idea who was stealing their chocolate bars. So, they decided to hide while recording the entrance of the store on video. They were able to find out who was stealing their merchandise. Let’s just say they have one of the cutest little thieves on their hands!

Watch as this squirrel steals chocolate bars, a Kinder Bueno…


It doesn’t really matter what candy bar it is, this squirrel steals chocolate bars such as Crunchie, Crispy Crunch, or Wonderbar. They also figured out that there is more than one squirrel doing the stealing. Jenny also caught another squirrel on video stealing a Crunchie bar!

This time, watch another squirrel steal a Crunchie…


According to Global News, almost 40 candy bars have been stolen over the past year. The store owner’s daughter Jenny Kim says, “We have a close-knit community here, so a lot of customers will be coming by and talking about how they saw the video.”

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from these videos:

  1. “How did he know to start recording? FAKE! The squirrel is obviously a paid actor.” – Abel
  2. “It’s all fun and games until they start stealing guns and achieve world domination” – the_real_moreau
  3. “Moose was waiting in the getaway car.” – kenny bob
  4. “You know a Squirrel’s life has gone wrong when they resort to shoplifting.” – Mike Roesbery
  5. “And people say crime in Canada isn’t out of control…” – zammmerjammer

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