Vet Removes Chains Digging into Horse’s Legs. The Horse Says “Thank You” in the Cutest Way Possible!

Vet Removes Chains Around Horse's Legs.

To prevent horses from running away, it’s a common practice in many parts of Romania to join the front or hind legs of horses with chains. In Letea (Danube Delta) a horse was discovered by a FOUR PAWS veterinarian named Ovidiu Rosu.

Once he inspects the horse, he notices the chains were actually cutting into the horse’s skin. He knew he had to do something and carefully removed the chains. Once the horse gets back up and free from shackles, you can immediately tell the horse feels better. The other horses sense that he his saving their friend and one of them walks up to Ovidiu and almost seems to give him a kiss! Ovidiu was definitely at the right place at the right time.

Watch how a wild horse thanks its savior…


Just like this horse shelter in need that got help from Purina, organizations like FOUR PAWS are non-profit. For this reason, if you’d like to donate, please visit their website.

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