This Homeless Dog Had to Get Adopted Quickly. When His Pet Groomer Was Done, I Lost It…

L.A. Area Shelter Helps Charlie the Shelter Dog Get Adopted.

It breaks your heart knowing that there are homeless dogs walking the streets alone every night in nearly every city. Thankfully, many dogs are found because of dog rescue organizations and while many get adopted, those that don’t get euthanized. This breaks my heart but shelters have no choice because of limited space.

Charlie the dog was found on the side of the road and brought to an L.A. area shelter; however, it was a high kill shelter so there were no guarantees for Charlie. Because of overcrowding, Charlie would need to get adopted within a week or two. When a pet groomer gave him a makeover and cleaned him up, he looked like an entirely different dog and I’m sure this would increase his chances of finding a forever home.

Watch the amazing transformation of Charlie the shelter dog.


I love happy endings and so glad that Charlie was able to get adopted in only two days! Please share this beautiful makeover of Charlie the shelter dog with your friends and family.

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