When This Cute Puppy Hears His Mommy on the Phone, His Reaction Is Priceless

Cute Boxer Puppy Hears His Human Mommy on the Cellphone.

All puppies are cute but there is just something about Boxer puppies. Their adorable faces make you want to hug them all day! Especially when they make adorable howling noises like Tobias the 3-week-old Boxer puppy does.

In this adorable video, Harvey the Boxer puppy hears his human mommy’s voice but doesn’t immediately realize where her voice is coming from. Since she’s away, dad decides to put his wife on the phone. When he finally hears his mommy on the cellphone, Harvey’s reaction is priceless!

Watch this confused and cute boxer puppy…


No¬†matter how many times I watch him, his cute little head tilt gets me every single time. Little Harvey is too cute and he’s not up to speed on all this new technology he is seeing for the first time so he has every right to be confused!

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