They Saved a Homeless Injured Dog but What They Found Afterwards Was an Unexpected Surprise.

Rescuers Save Homeless Injured Dog Get Unexpected Surprise

Finding a lost dog is challenging but finding it in the dark in a rough Los Angeles neighborhood presents an even bigger challenge.

Hope for Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization, got a call that there was a pregnant dog hiding in bushes during the day. At night,  she would sometimes seek out food and it was not safe for her to do so in her condition. Hope For Paws’ Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli, drove out to the location and searched for about 10 minutes before finding the little pooch and named her Iris.

They initially were afraid Iris would run off but she stayed still while the rescuers gently slipped on a leach so they could pull her out safely. They didn’t expect to find a small litter of puppies that Iris guarded and this explained why she would scavenge for food during the night.

Watch Finding Iris.

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Iris and her 3 pups are safe and sound and waiting for a loving family to adopt them.

If you would like to support Hope for Paws and The Dog Rescuers, the excellent animal rescue organizations that made this rescue possible, please visit their respective websites. Please share this beautiful story of finding Iris, a rescued injured dog caring for her newborn puppies with your friends and family.

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