Here Is Why the Clydesdales in Budweiser’s Super Bowl Commercials Always Steal Our Hearts

Behind the Scenes Clips of Budweiser Super Bowl Commercials.

One of best things about the Super Bowl next to the game are the commercials. One of the most anticipated brands is Budweiser because the Budweiser commercials are so adorable and heartwarming that they can make a grown man cry.

To make a Budweiser commercial as legendary as the ones Budweiser release year after year, you need highly-trained Clydesdales and a highly-skilled horse trainer like Robin Wiltshire. Together with his wife Kate, the couples raises many animals at Turtle Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming.

Watch a behind the scenes look at how these incredible Budweiser commercials are produced and you’ll gain a new appreciation for them.


H/t: LittleThings

Budweiser introduced an adorable Golden Retriever puppy in 2014 and also in this 2015 Budweiser commercial but the iconic Clydesdales will always be a part of Budweiser. Please share this behind the scenes look at the making of a Budweiser commercial with your friends and family.

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