This Duo Began Singing A “Ring of Fire” Cover and the Audience Was Left Stunned

Lennon and Maisy Sing "Ring of Fire" Cover at Grand Ole Opry.

One of Johnny Cash’ greatest songs was ‘Ring of Fire’ and it has been covered many times by musical artists in nearly every musical genre. Lennon and Maisy collaborated on a beautiful rendition of the hit song and it felt as fresh as the first day it was released.

Lennon and Maisy are only 16 and 11 years old, respectively, but they have already experienced so much success in country music at such a young age. Originally born in Oshawa, Ontario, their family later moved to Nashville, Tennessee and their natural talent is thanks to their musical parents, Brad and MaryLynne who form the musical duo, The Stellas.


With such great talent, they definitely have a bright future in music. Please share this beautiful cover of ‘Ring of Fire’ sung by Lennon and Maisy with your friends and family.

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