Steve Harvey Invites His Wife to Appear on His Show. When He Tells Her THIS, She Breaks Down.

Steve Harvey Gives Emotional Tribute to His Wife on His Show.

Steve Harvey is a terrific entertainer and when speaks, people listen. When he addressed his audience during a commercial break, he inspired them by telling them that you gotta jump to be successful. When he quit his insurance salesman job to become a comedian, he lived on $50 a week and lived in his car while driving to comedy gigs. Today, the successful entertainer has an estimated worth of $100 million and is one of the hardest working men in show business.

This time, he spoke to his lovely wife of 9 years and what he said brought her to tears. He invited her to be on his show all week to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2015 but he also wanted to take this opportunity to pay tribute to his wife and the joy she has given to him and their children.

Watch this emotional Mother’s Day tribute by Steve Harvey to his wife.


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments regarding this mother’s day tribute by Steve Harvey to his wife:

  1. “You ever tried to hold back your tears and you get that pain in your throat ????????” – Shyan J
  2. “Nothing sexier than a man that’s not afraid to cry. ????” – Leggs
  3. “Every good man needs a good woman.” – Jose Flores
  4. “I can’t wait until I’m blessed like this.” – Brown Burgundy
  5. “This was so amazing to watch. Steve really loves his wife and I love that. she truly is his better half.” – Chantel Hart
  6. “This is when a man loves a woman!” – Alana H
  7. “This is what you call true love ????” – Marina khan

I’m sure his wife was surprised and they both shared a special moment which brought both of them to tears. Please share this emotional tribute that Steve Harvey gave to his wife with your friends and family.

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