He Told His Wife to Close Her Eyes and Surprised Her With Her Birthday Wish

Husband Surprises His Wife Her Dream Car for Her Birthday.

Birthdays come but once a year and getting that one thing you’ve always wanted is definitely the icing on the cake (no pun intended). YouTuber Coolie Sheppard felt bad that his wife had to drive an older car for work. Working as an interior designer, she had to travel to customers’ homes with an old 97 Honda Prelude that had seen better days.

After saving up money for years, he surprised his wife with her dream car on her birthday, a beautiful Honda CR-V. Her reaction says it all and this husband just made his wife incredibly happy.

Watch as one man surprises his wife with an epic birthday gift…


Her reaction was so genuine and her husband is incredibly thoughtful for surprising his wife with a car she has wanted for years. Please share this heartwarming moment when a woman gets a beautiful car for her birthday with your friends and family.

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