Husband Finds out His Wife Is Pregnant After Vasectomy. She Is in for the Surprise of Her Life!

Husband Finds Out His Wife Is Pregnant After Getting a Vasectomy.

The beautiful thing about life is that it’s unexpected. It’s full of twists and turns and you never know what is going to occur next. But the important thing is to accept them good or bad and enjoy life.

Life is giving Tim and Rachel Brummel a huge surprise and it’s definitely good. After having a wonderful family of 3 boys, Tim decided to get a vasectomy. Several months after getting his vasectomy, he noticed his wife had all the symptoms of a pregnant wife. She craved food more often, she was tired, and she even felt nauseous sometimes.

Interestingly, he figured out a way to get to get a pregnancy test done without his wife knowing and found she¬†was indeed pregnant. He prepared an elaborate surprise for his wife after she returned from a baby shower, ironically! Her reaction is priceless and they couldn’t wait to find out if it was a boy or girl. He also writes, “I found out my wife was pregnant before she knew so I got to tell her the news! We also kept the news from our family/friends until we learned the gender of the baby. This video is how they will learn! No hard feelings for finding out this way right!”

Watch as a husband finds out his wife is pregnant AFTER a vasectomy…


It’s not every day a husband finds out his wife is pregnant before she does! This is one of the most creative pregnancy announcements ever and reminded me of this woman that put actual “buns” in the oven so her husband would realize she’s pregnant.

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