His Wife Put Actual Buns in the Oven and Once Her Husband Realizes the Meaning, His Reaction Will Bring You to Tears

Couple Who Wished to Have Kids for 17 Years Get Their Wish.

Dana and her husband Arkell have wanted children for over 17 years and they went through four miscarriages and one stillbirth over that time. Their dream of having a family was dwindling until one day Dana learned she was pregnant but she kept it a secret for 19 weeks.

She is confident that they will conceive so she decided to let her husband know by putting actual “buns” in the oven. When Arkell opens the oven door, he soon realizes the meaning of it and asks his wife if she is pregnant. When she tells him they are having a boy, his reaction is genuine and he can’t contain his tears of joy any longer.

Watch this husband learning why his wife placed buns in the oven…


They have waited to be parents for so long and it is incredibly heartwarming to know their dream is finally realizing itself. Please share this story of a beautiful couple who wished to have children for over 17 years with your friends and family.

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