Here’s What Airplane Travel Looked When It Was Comfortable and Fun. Today, Not so Much.

Flying has turned into an expensive journey to get to your destination and many people wish there was another way. The fact is, people pay more for air travel but the seats are less comfortable and the frequent cancellations and congested airports only add to the aggravation.

The 60’s and 70’s were truly the golden age of aviation. The following images could clearly pass for futurist renderings of what aviation would look like in the future but in fact, they highlight what flying was like in a Boeing 747 in the 1970s.

Business class when it actually meant comfort and it even provided a great social atmosphere to create new business contacts.


People seemed to enjoy themselves and most likely arrived at their destination without feeling bored the entire way.


This looks like a plane from the future. Oh wait, it was in the past.







You certainly can’t sit down and socialize at a table in today’s planes.






People enjoy the flight with such spacious cabins.



The interior has such clean lines and looks uncluttered.





While this image is from a prototype, the actual planes had similar space and headroom.


Flying is much more enjoyable with flight attendants as happy as this. They are all smiles.


Because there are no overhead bins in the center aisle, it creates a much more spacious ride.

H/t: Gizmodo

If planes were more like this today, I’d probably fly more often. I’d like to know at which point plane companies starting designing planes that are cramped and now make me feel claustrophobic.

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