Elderly Woman Crossing the Street Hilariously Gets Her Revenge at Rude Man Honking His Car Horn

Elderly woman hits a car with her purse and gets her revenge at rude man honking his car horn.

Senior citizens should be treated respectfully but sometimes, people get disrespectful towards the elderly. While these same people probably think they can walk all over them, they got it all wrong! Just like these seniors wearing funny t-shirts, older people often prove that they still got it.

In this hilarious video, a couple of teens are skateboarding until they hear a car coming to a screeching halt. They watch as an elderly woman tries to cross the street while an impatient businessman in his luxury car beeps the horn and revs the motor.

The elderly woman has enough of the rude man’s behavior and what she does is hilarious! This is one grandma he shouldn’t have messed with!

Watch this moment when an old elderly woman hits a car with her purse and gets some revenge against a road rage driver…


This is a good example of what happens when you anger little old ladies crossing the street. I’m sure this guy has learned his lesson and had some expensive car repairs to boot!

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